AFS - Greater Los Angeles is part of AFS-USA ( which is an international, non-profit organization that each year provides thousands of American high school students the opportunity to live and study in a foreign land. Just as important, each year thousands of American families share their home by hosting a high school age student from another country around the world for a school year or semester. With tens of thousands of volunteers worldwide, AFS is the leading international exchange program in the world! (AFS Fact Sheet)


Host With AFS in the Greater Los Angeles Area

Interested in hosting an international high school student? Or, perhaps you know someone who is? Become a Global Family with AFS in the Greater Los Angles area. Open your home to the world and make a global connection: Host an AFS Exchange Student!

Each year, more than 2,300 exchange students from 90 countries come to the US on AFS programs to study in high schools and live with host families. By hosting an AFS Exchange Student in your home, you will start seeing the world differently.

We are currently recruiting host families for the 2018-2019 school year. Below is a list of a few students that that will be coming to our area. Clicking on their name will provide you with a description of the student including their Letter to the Host Family.

  • Youssef from Tunisia
  • Youssef is a smart, ambitious and creative student from Tunisia! His favorite school subjects are science centered and he especially loves biology, physics and English. In his free time he likes volunteering, being part of the school science & robotics club and Model United Nations. In the future, he hopes to study STEM at a prestigious university and become a science-tech entrepreneur as he is curious to learn more about bio-engineering, climate change, artificial intelligence, neuroscience and mental health. He looks up to Elon Musk and enjoys imaginative and science-minded people.

  • Rasmus from Denmark
  • Rasmus is a studious thinker, and independent, although he enjoys spending time with close friends. He lives on a farm with his parents and 2 older sisters. An early riser, he commutes by train to school 15 miles away. Physics and chemistry are his favorite and best subjects. He likes seeing what the world is made of and why, and foresees a science career, perhaps as an astronaut. He wants to play at least one sport during his U.S. exchange year. He's looking forward to having time to play sports and hang out with new friends, and to broadening his understanding of the world with you.

You can see all available students in your area by visiting and entering your zip code.

We can also search for available students based on you and your family's interests. Single adults are also welcome to host. Contact us at for more information.

NOTE: AFS does not provide any monetary compensation to the host family nor to the school the student attends.

Host a Second Semester Student This School Year

Interested in hosting an international high school student for the second semester of the 2017-2018 school year? Become a Global Family with AFS in the Greater Los Angles area. Open your home to the world and make a global connection:  Host an AFS Exchange Student. By hosting an AFS Exchange Student in your home, you will start seeing the world differently.

Each year there are a number of students who come to the U.S. during our second semester of the school year. They arrive in January and leave in June. Below are a couple of students available for our Greater Los Angeles area.

    - Abdul (M) from Malaysia
    - Hazrisham (M) from Malaysia

Read these students bios HERE.

Want to see bios of more available students? Contact us at We can search for available students based on you and your family's interests. Single adults are also welcome to host.

(NOTE:  Our students are here on J1 visas. Therefore, no monetary compensation is provided by AFS to families or schools.)


Dear Los Angeles Scholarship Friends and Supporters:

It is my pleasure to write you, updating you on our scholarship program and asking for your continued support in the upcoming year, our tenth.  With your help, we have raised $500,000 and sent 100 students in poverty on life-changing experiences abroad.  We do this—you, I, volunteers, schools and families--because we know it changes lives.  Students who go abroad are more positively evaluated as college applicants, especially those who attend year programs.  Studies show they are able to think outside the box and are able to handle unfamiliar environments –such as a college campus—with confidence.  Ask Leslie who went to Egypt on a summer experience. She said

"I'm so glad I got to go, I made so many new friends and my host family and I got really close and they really want me to go back. AFS did such an amazing job with showing us Egypt’s coexistence and also showing us the culture in Egypt from an Egyptian’s perspective. We used our Arabic skills to talk to the local Egyptians and ask them for directions."

In this past year, we sent 13 students on a year, semester or summer programs.  They went to Japan, China, France, Italy and Egypt.  Students went from Washington Preparatory High School in South Los Angeles, Marshall High School in Central Los Angeles, and Cortines High School in DTLA.  All were students of color.

Can you help us send more students this year?  Please click the link below to donate or mail a check made payable to AFS GLA to the address below:

Local Scholarship Fund Donation

Thank you for all you do!  Have a wonderful holiday season!


Scholarships and Fundraising Coordinator
AFS Greater Los Angeles
(213) 703-8767
3871 Franklin Ave.
Los Angeles, CA  90027

How to Change the World by GLA's Own Hashir from Pakistan ('16-'17)

Watch this inspiring video made of GLA's hosted student Haishr from Pakistan ('16-'17) during his presentation as he reflects on his time in the U.S. while on his YES scholarship, sharing his experience with the prejudice that Muslims face and how he dealt with it. He shares the positive outcomes of his actions to convey to his audience an important lesson: In order to change the world, you must first change yourself. Our Area Team is so proud of him!

Local Scholarship Team Application Workshop

On December 3, 2016, the AFS Greater LA Scholarship Team held a workshop in downtown LA to help a group of low-income high school students start their applications for the adventure of their lifetimes: studying abroad for a summer, semester or year with AFS. The 27 students that attended the event today come from Los Angeles Leadership Academy, Raymond C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts, Washington Preparatory HS and Marshall HS. 


Eric's Successful 50-50 Walk-Fundraiser

by Barbara Hensleigh, GLA Scholarship Coordinator

Thanksgiving wasn’t just turkey and dressing for Eric Norris.  Eric was on a mission of thanks. Early that morning, Eric set out on a 50 hour walk. He started in Downtown Los Angeles and walked –yes walked—to Manhattan Beach.  Eric walked 100,000 steps on turkey day. And then he turned around and walked to Pasadena!  In 50 hours, Eric walked over 108 miles. He raised over $8000 for our local scholarships account!

NOTE: Eric’s donation link is still active. If you would like to express your gratitude through a donation, please go to


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Ella from Indonesia ('10-'11)'s Wonderful Year in L.A.

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