Students, Live Abroad This Year…

Study Abroad Experience

With AFS you can live and study in over 50 different countries, for a year, a semester, or summer. Learn about a new culture by living with a host family, studying in a local high school, participating in community events, and meeting new people of all ages.

Your host family, who is carefully selected by AFS, will welcome you into their lives as a member of their family. In turn, you arrive fresh with the chance to learn how other people relate to each other as individuals. Many AFSers have found these new family relationships endure and enrich their lives long after they’ve returned home.

While studying abroad, you will meet other students, and make new friends. AFSers attend school regularly, as at home, and will take courses that might include the language and history of the country, as well as math and sciences.

Gap-Year High School, Community Service, Global Prep and University Study

To build your experience base before or during your college years, you can devote a semester to vital community service work caring for underprivileged children in countries like Brazil, while living with a family and taking intensive Portuguese language courses.

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