Become an AFS Volunteer In the Greater Los Angeles Area

Worldwide, AFS  is a structured group of volunteers who implement the AFS programs in their community by hosting and sending participants on AFS programs, and who work together to assure that the principles and standards of AFS are upheld.

Therefore, volunteers are an essential part of AFS. And there are numerous opportunities, such as student orientations, student sending, family hosting, student-family liaison, and orientation, occurring throughout the year in the Greater Los Angeles area which requires different types of volunteers both at the local chapter level and at the area team.

Volunteer Registration

Volunteer Registration is required per U.S. State Dept. guidelines in order to be an active AFS volunteer.

What Kind of Volunteers are Needed?

It takes many volunteers to form a viable organization like AFS – Greater Los Angeles. For example, some of the common volunteer positions in our Area Team include:

  • Area Team (AT) Chair
  • Chapter President
  • AT and Chapter Treasurer
  • Fundraising (General and Local Scholarships)
  • Volunteer registration and development
  • Student recruitment and selection (aka Sending)
  • Host Family recruitment and selection (aka Hosting)
  • Liaison to a hosted student and their family
  • Activities coordinator
  • Sponsored Programs (i.e., US State Dept programs) coordinator
  • Returnee coordinator
  • Communications
  • Publicity

Job descriptions for these roles can be found here.

Ready to Become a Volunteer?

Need More Information?

To obtain more information about volunteer positions in the L.A. area, Contact Us!  Or, more information can be found at the AFS-USA website