Vera from Norway

Service Ref: 16-03890
Gender: Female
Age (at arrival): 17 years
Program length: Year
Graduation Date:  June 2019
Religion:    Christian

GPA: Very Good
Quartile:   Not Available
ELTiS: 265


Christian, Funny, Energetic, Cheerful, Studious, Outgoing, Academic, Family oriented, Skiing, Movies, Travel, Swimming, Mature, Independent.

Vera is a cheerful, funny, and energetic young lady. Her family and friends admire her work ethic and responsibility. Vera lives with her parents and sister and is close with all of them. They like to watch movies and explore their neighborhood together. At school, Vera is a strong student. While she is unsure of her future, she enjoys English, math, and science. When she spends time with her friends they enjoy skiing, watching movies, or going to the beach. Vera hopes to improve her English, become more independent, and learn about a new culture. She can't wait to come to the USA

Letter to Family

Dear future host family

My name is Vera, I’m 16 years old and live in Norway. In this letter I will tell you a little about me and why I would love if you could be my host family.

First off I will start with some descriptions from family and friends so you can have a better picture of who I am. This is how my family describes me:

Rúna (Big sister): Vera is funny, lively and there is never a boring moment with her. Once you get to know her, she is definitely someone you will like.

Mamma (my mom): Vera has wanderlust, and loves exploring new things. She is easy to get to know and works hard for what she wants.

Pappa (my dad): When Vera sets her mind to something you can expect it to get done. She is smart, funny and always makes us laugh.

I also asked my friends what they thought about me and these are the answers I got: Vera is really outgoing, kind, always sweet, energetic and smart.

My relationship with my family is great and we talk a lot, our dinners are always full of discussions and laughter. I seek advice from my parents when there is something I don’t understand no matter the situation. This can be everything from school issues to everyday obstacles. After a long week of working and school we often do stuff together in the weekends, such as going out to eat and exploring our new neighborhood since we recently moved to an apartment in the city. We also go for walks by the cost. Me and my sister are good friends. Even though we have small discussions we spend a lot of time together and we hang out often. I love getting tips and advice from my sister and we talk about everything.

I also have a close relationship with my friends and I spend a lot of time with them as well. This year we all started high school (in Norway from 11-13th grade), and many of my close friends started at different schools than me. I still have a great connection with my closest friends from junior high and I’ve also gotten a lot of new friends. What we do together depends a lot on the weather. If it rains we sit inside and watch a movie, if it snows we occasionally go on a small ski trip near by. When summer comes and it is sunny we always meet a lot of other friends at the beach and relax all day. I’ve grown up with the ocean nearby all my life - I absolutely love the ocean.

Its important to me that everyone around me is okay and happy. Family and friends are also something that I keep close to my heart. To always be able to do new things is something I love, and also getting to know new people is wonderful. Norway is filled with great people and beautiful nature, but I have always wanted to experience and live in a different country. My family and I have travelled a lot in Europe, I have also been to Asia and USA, this makes me quite familiar with different cultures. Now it´s time to take it to the next level.

As a teenager there are a lot of things I find frustrating and difficult. Whether this is hard school work or just regular problems, but these are both things you get over fast. I was born with my left hip and right knee dislocated. This filled my two first year’s with surgery and resulted in wearing a cast for two years. After the cast came of I walked two weeks later. I have had small problems since then, running long can hurt, but other than that I hardly notice it and I wont let it get in my way. I will always be grateful for amazing doctors and the people helping me getting better.

I would say my English is fairly good and I’ve always been at the top of my class. I do especially well orally. English is something we have learned in school since first grade, and there are surprisingly many English words that have found its way into the vocabulary of many Norwegians, most often as slang. Most Norwegians are therefor quite familiar with the English language.

In other subjects at school I have always done pretty well. I like school and especially if I’m interested in the topic, but it can also be quite tiring. I prefer classes like math, English and science. There are at the same time no subjects I don’t like. In my future I don’t see anything specific, I haven’t quite figured out what I want to become yet, but I’m keeping my options open.

My personal goals from this program is to improve my English, because when I get older I hope to study in America. I also hope to learn more about the different culture and people living in the US. Last but not least I want to do something on my own, and I think this would be perfect. I hope you will consider being my host family so my whishes will come true.

Hope to hear from you!

Kind regards


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