Nathanicha from Thailand

Service Ref: 16-01885
Gender: Female
Age (at arrival): 15 years
Program length: Year
Graduation Date: March 2021
Religion:  Buddhist

GPA: Very Good
Quartile:  Q1 (Top position) 
ELTiS: 230


Buddhist, Funny, Energetic, Independent, Cheerful, Basketball, Bicycling, Cooking, Movies, Recreational sports, Photography, Listening to music, Travel.

Meet "Ticha", an active and cheerful girl from Thailand! Ticha has a wide variety of hobbies, including basketball, photography, and cooking. She loves to find new recipes on YouTube and to try them herself. Ticha enjoys collecting postcards from around the world, and that has helped her become a better photographer. At school, she enjoys learning Math and English, and is excited to improve her English language skills as an AFS student in the US. She is excited to share Thai culture and traditions with her host family, and her experiences as an exchange student with others considering it!

Letter to Family

Dear my host family

Hello, I'm a 15 yearsold girl name Ticba. I'm from Thailand incentral part of Thailand.I live in bigcityand most of people hereare friendly only some that keeptooneself. For theweather, in Thailand theweather isn' t so difference soit's similar to all thepart ofthecountry.

Myf;ip>ily is ; Jig f;mily c;</nsis c;,f my f th r (1!ne) ;            44 y          c;,lqbl!§inc;,wn r a.,i{lh 's a bit grumbling and impatient but he'sreasonable and carefulness., my mother (Aey) is a 45 yearsold bank officerand she's a bit grumbling too butshe is patiently., me, my younger brother(Phu) is a 12 yearsold joyful, activeand friendly boy, myaunt (Ann ), my uncle (Ton),my grandmother and my grandfather(tbeydon' t havea nickname).Weall live insame houseexcept from my uncleand my aunt.

For the relationship with family, on weekday myfather will pick up meand my brotherat school almost every dayand I'll havedinner together with mygrandparents and brotherthen I will helpmy housekeeper wash thedishes. On weekend we all will havea family dinnerat restaurant together. For the family rules, wedon't have much rulesjust always have timefor family. My family looked aftermetobereasonable and can live by yourself sothey won'  t do everything for me but they will tell me bow todothings.

Everybody in my family said that me is like my father because we both are impatient and have a leadership slcill besides wealso prefer having dinnerat restaurant than having dinner at home because we don't want our grandmother to tired butshe lovetocookand my brother also. Beside from myfather, I'm like my mother about travelling toothercountry. Sothat is my relationship with my family and what we usually do in weekend.

FoJmy persp.nality I think I'm as.ilyget mad because I'm a impatient peiso.n and also pubef!Y too and it isn't look good in Thai culture but now I'm trying tobemore patient because I'm growing up everyday and those habits aremy badso I have toget rid of it besides from that I'm alsogood ingiving an advices topeople, enthusiastic,joyfully for most ofthetimeand I'm easy-going person so Icanadjust myselfeasily when I'm insomewhere else but I'm prefer spendingtime with people in thesameagethan baby or kids inaddition I alsook withelder people too however I canstay with them all because I'm surely Icanadjust myself well. In my opinion, I think I have 2 personalities when I'm with mybest­ friends orfamily I' ll be what I really are but if I'm withother people I'll bea bit quite than I used to be(talk less) but ifsomeone that never talk tomethey will think I'ma quiet person because I'm near­ sighted but I don't really liketoweara glasses sosometime!justcan'tseethem so ifsomeone say hi to metoofarI won' tseethem. Myfriends know that my habits will depend on how close we areso my friendsor my classmate describe meas enthusiastic, confident, creative, and brave for theadvantage and for thedisadvantage they describe meas moody, impatient, not really on timeand thoughtless and I agree all of this thingsandstill tryingto fix itout especially "not really on time". In myfamily view, they think I'm a cheerfully girls but when I get mad I'U beimpatient and quiet when doing things but they know that I'm easily get mad ina short period and if! get mad for real it'll take long. When I havea problem mostly I don't talk to my parents because I think I can handle it and I think it'satest of lifeso I usually fix it by myown way and if itdoesn't work weU I'llask my older friends and if Ican' t handle it anymore then I'll tell my parents thelcind of problemsare likea huge problem for example big punishment atscho, ol future studyingetc.

I'm interested ineating, traveling, watching movie, music, sports, and a bit of photographyso myactivities will relate to my interesting like hanging out with friends and havea nice meal (oncea week), watching movie atcinema depend on bow free I a,m shopping when I want to, try tocook or bake things that I sawon Facebook or Youtube (oncea week), bicyclingaround the park ordoa workout at home(one-three timesa week), playing basketball with my neighbor friends(depend on homework, a)nd takeextra coursefor math every Wednesday and Thursday evening, etc. Next for my hobbies myfavorite hobby is collecting postcardsor photo from many countries. I really love that bobbyso much and that bobby made meinterested in photography because I think if I can takea nice photoand make it be postcardsfor peopletobuy, Iwould be so happy because they bought my postcard so I started this hobby when I was 13 yearsold. For along 15yearsago I had gotan obstacle or difficult time too but themost difficult timeof mylife is the last year. I haveanaccident while playing basketball competitionat school and that accident make megot the posterior cruciate ligament injuries level I and that made me getsplint for 6 weeksand dothephysical therapy foralmost 5 weeks. On that time I felt so bad and depressed because it very hard todoeverything such as I can't walk much, it takeso longforshowerand I have to sittingon the chairshowering myself, etc. and it's the biggest obstacle in mylife. First I wassadand depressed but I havea huge motivation from family and friends by taking good careof me, encourage me, take meto everywhere I want togoeven how hard it is and that makes meovercome that.

Myschoolroutineseveryday isn' t sodifferent. I woke upat 6.00 a.m. and prepare myself to school then my father drive meand mybrother toschool it takes 30-40 minuies dependson traffic.from my home to school. Myschool is a privateschool thathavean area around 200 acres that contains more than 5,000students and around 300 hundred teachers. Myschool have many facilities likea pool, football fields, basketball stadium, fitness, laboratory, musicacademy, auditorium, etc. which support students so much_ I'm in English programso theclassis limited 30 people per room and in my program every grade have only 2 room (Aand B)I'm in room B with 27 friends. Theclass begins at 8.10 a.m. and finish at 4.00 p.m. bu, we need toattend the school before 7.50 because all students need toline upevery morning tosing the natio.nal anthe.m and show respect tothenational flag together. Timetable foI myclass have Math everyd,ay  ScienceandEnglishalmost everyday and other subjects followthetimetable. I don' t really have themost favorite subject but I likeMath, Englishandsoeial studies because I think I'm god at it and I likedoing equations it' s like fixing problem. I'm okay with all thesubjects exceptcomputer. I really hatecomputersubject because I'm poor at itand I feel so bored andit'shard for me but mostly I would got Aand B+ for every subjects. Beside .from study I also like todoschool activities toosuch as having a music band, doinganyschool works with friends and that helpour relationship even more close. I've planned that I'll bestudy till master'sdegree but I stilldon't knowwhich way I' ll bestudy.

Thereasons why I want to beexchange student are because I want totry Jivingby myselfand I want to have timefor myself to figureout what I really like and what I want todoin the futureand that's mygoals. In Thailand we havesome popularity traditional that make mecan't find out easily and its make me feel hesitate most of the time I haveconversations about my future with whoever that ask me. Then I knew that my older friend went aboard toChina as AFSexchange student and I'vetalked tohim about it and its make meinterested and want togo. For the first time I talked to my family most ofthem disagree with meexcept from myfather and my uncle they told metotry it first and ifl really want tofor real they'll support and then I passthe test and I have tochoose thecountry. I choose America as first rank because I've been there when I was 12 yearsold with my friends for thesummer course and I really like it somuch andafter that I'llbe moreconfident and learn many things sothat make mewant togo thereagain. After l got America as my hostcountry first thing I prepare is AFS international application and planforthethings thatI would dowhen f'll be thereand I preparesome Thaiculture and traditional for you. Thethings I'll bedoingforsure area videoaboU1mylifethereand upload in Youtube and make Americans know Thailand better. For thelanguages I canspeak English and I really want tolearn Spanish, getin art, musicor sport cluband continued my Chinese languageat America because ifI speak many languages, I'll bean benefits tomein many ways. And that'sall for my motivation onexchange program.

After I come back from exchange program, I'llcontinue to grade 11and I'llchoose the program again but I'llchoosescience-math first before I goand I'll takeextra coursefor the subjectS that l miss. And fortheexperience that I getfrom exchange year I'll begiving advice for myfriendsand other people by record a videoon YoU1ube or Facebook and I'll use theexperience forstudy in future. Now l still don't know which ,vay I' ll bestudy in university but I already have my university that I likeand nowI still behesitate aboui what I want tobe. I'm thinking ofcontinue my business and occ,upation about politics and lawand these 2 aresodifferent. I want tocontinuemy home business because of this business my uncle, father and aunt worksohard onit and l don'  t want tosell itor letotherpeople do.

About the politics and law I want tohelpmycountry improve and fix the problem but it'll beso hard. I still notsure I want todo it or notso I hope I know what I what to bein the future after I come back to Thailand.

Insummary, I would liketo say thank you for reading my lener. I hope you make a good decision andthat's just someinformation about meand ifyou want to knowme bener please bemy hos.t

Sincereyl yours,


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