Meet Students Available For Hosting for Second Semester ’17-’18 School Year

You could bring an international student like the ones described below into your for the second semester of the 2017-2018 school year. These students will arrive in January and return home in June. If interested in any of these students or want more information about hosting, please contact us at [email protected].

Want to see bios of more second semester students? We can search for available students based on your family's interests. Contact us at [email protected] for more information. By the way, single adults are also welcome to host!

(NOTE:  Our students are here on J1 visas. Therefore, no monetary compensation is provided by AFS to families or schools.)

Abdul from Malaysia

Service Ref: 17-00302
Gender: Male 
Age (at arrival): 17 years
Program length: Semester 
Graduation Date:  Dec 2018
Religion:    Muslim

GPA: Good
Quartile: Not Available
ELTiS: 238


Muslim, Quiet, Family oriented, Artistic, Soccer, Drawing/Painting, Engineering, Listening to music, Movie.


No Pork or alcohol.


Abdul is family oriented, helpful and friendly. He comes from a large, close-knit family and he helps out a lot. Abdul is also close with his friends and thinks of them as family. They enjoying doing activities together including swimming, playing soccer and going to the cinema. His other hobbies include drawing, singing and listening to music like Taylor Swift and Adam Levine. Abdul always tries his best and puts in the extra effort wherever possible. He hopes to pursue a career in chemical engineering one day. He can't wait to be a part of an American family! Arrival to HF Community: Jan 18

Letter to Family

Hi! My name is Abdul Syukur. I attend a fully residential school. First, I would like to share about my parents. My mother is a housewife. She loves cooking and serves us food. She also owns a stall near my house. There are variety of food at her stall. She is a good listener to whenever I have problems. I love her so much. To complete my happy family,I also have a great father. My father works at a palm plantation as he also owns a farmstead. Both of my parents are very independent. As such, I will follow suit and help around the farm during school holidays.

My family and I love to do activities together. Once a week, we will clean our house on Friday morning. By doing this activity, I can spend a good time with my family. If we have time to spare, we will go to the river or the beach for a picnic once a month.
Continuing I would like to share with you about myself. I attend a primary school when I was 7 till 12 years old. Then, I was offered to attend a fully residential school after I got straight A’s in the final year examination in 2012. I am a cheerful person. I am also a helpful person because I love to help my friends especially in their academic. I hope I would be a fun person for you. I also hope I that I would be a great son for you.

My responsibilities at home differs from time to time. During the school holiday, I will help my mother to do household chores such as sweep, mop and dry clothes. Sometimes, I will arrange all scattered things in my house while listening to the music. When all the house chores done, I will watch TV to have some rest. I will also help my mother at her stall. Sometimes, I will also help my father at the palm plantation farm.

Next, I would also love to share with you some of my interests. I love singing so much because when I sing, I will feel so happy and I can relieve my stress. These are some of my favorite artists ; Taylor Swift, Adam Levine, James Arthur and Shawn Mendes. The artist that I like the most is Taylor Swift and I followed her instagram to see her updates. Beside singing, I am also interested in drawing. However I am just an amateur. I love drawing cause by doing that, I can fulfill my leisure time. I would also express my feeling when drawing by illustrating it into a piece of paper.

My friends are the closest that I have to a family in my school. We would always do things together. When the school break starts, we will go to the river and bath. After bathing, my friends and I will have some fried chickens and barbecues as our dishes. Besides, my friends and I love to play soccer in the field. We enjoy playing soccer together. My friends and I would also watch movies in the cinema during holiday. After watching movies, we will go to the mall and have meals together.

My city is unlike most popular destination in Malaysia. My city is popular with our state traditional cracker named ‘Keropok Lekor’. Many tourists would come to my city and taste our traditional crackers. Then, I would love to tell you about the people in my city of residence. There are many types of people live in my city such as Chinese. We would always communicate with each other and live in peace.

Talking about my future, I can say for certain that I fell in love with a specific branch of study-Chemical Engineering. I think that to be able to further my studies in that department will be so cool.

 I always try to perform well and do that extra efforts to achieve an excellent result in my final examination . I also dream to travel around the world and experiencing new culture. So, this KL-YES Program is the initial step for me to go overseas.
I can’t wait to meet you. As much as it is nerve-wrecking, I know that it’s going to be fun to be part of your family and have new sweet memories in USA. It is my pleasure to share my culture with you and I would love to experience and learn more about your culture during the program.

Thank you for reading my letter. See you soon.


Hazrisham from Malaysia

Service Ref: 17-00267
Gender:  Male 
Age (at arrival): 17 years
Program length: Semester 
Graduation Date: Dec 2018 
Religion:    Muslim

GPA: Good
Quartile:  Not available 
ELTiS: 251


Muslim, Family oriented, Sporty, Quiet, Mature, Badminton, Soccer, Games/Cards, Recreational sports, Television, Reading, Movies.


No Pork. No non-halal foods. Willing to adopt vegetarian diet while on program.


Mohamad, who goes by his middle name Hazrisham, is responsible, compassionate and helpful. He has a close relationship with his two brothers and he helps take care of both of them. They like to play soccer and Malay games together. His other hobbies include learning English, badminton, reading and studying Math. Hazrisham has a big circle of friends and they enjoy playing sports and studying together. He loves to teach and share his knowledge with others and hopes to become a lecturer or teacher one day. He's excited to try American food and learn more about the culture. HF Arrival: Jan 18.

Letter to Family

My name is Hazrisham. My parents call me Ayie (my nickname since I was born) and my friends call me Sham. I have a younger brother and an older brother. I am very close with my siblings. We love to play football together every evening. During our leisure time, we love to play congkak (a malay traditional games). My older brother is handicapped. He had problem with his hearing and speaking ability. At home, my main responsibilty is to take care both my siblings especially when our parents are not there. I always help my mother with the homework such as washing the dishes, hang the clothes, pick up my younger brother from the school and else.

In education, i really love Mathematics. I scored A+ for Maths in every exam. I also love English because learning another language is something important for me. In sport, I love football and badminton. I am a big fan of Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo for sure. I love to play football whether in real life or in my handphone. besides all of that, I love to read and watch actin movie. I love to read about facts and story. My favourite TV program are Macgyver, NCIS Los Angeles and Hawaii Five-0. I also enjoy Fast and Furious.

As a head boy, I have a lot of friends with different ages. We love to play football together whether during our P.E lesson or in the evening. we love to play games that challenge our mind such as Puzzle Block, Sara Is Missing and Brain. We always have study group by weekend.

I live in a small district where there is a lack of accomodation. There is less pollution in the area and most people live in villages.

My plans for my future is, I will continue my study in Mathematics course in the university after this program. I will try my best to get the best result and maybe continue my study abroad. My dream is to be a lecturer ( or at least a teacher). I love to teach and share my knowledge with people surround me. for me, it isa satisfactin if someone can understand something they do not know before with my help.

I am not someone who used to start a conversation. I need someone to talk with me first before i can be very friendly and cheerful with others. I love snow (although I never feel it) and ice skating is my first target for this program lol >_<. I love to eat and trying new food. I love sweet and spicy food but I can not wait to try chicken and waffle in America since it is hard to find it in Malaysia. I also can not wait to share about my culture and learn about your culture too. I think that is all from me I am excited to meet you guys !

thank you for reading my letter. see you soon!


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