Meet Students Available For Hosting for Second Semester ’17-’18 School Year

You could bring an international student like the ones described below into your for the second semester of the 2017-2018 school year. These students will arrive in January and return home in June. If interested in any of these students or want more information about hosting, please contact us at [email protected].

Want to see bios of more second semester students? We can search for available students based on your family's interests. Contact us at [email protected] for more information. By the way, single adults are also welcome to host!

(NOTE:  Our students are here on J1 visas. Therefore, no monetary compensation is provided by AFS to families or schools.)

Abdul from Malaysia

Service Ref: 17-00302
Gender: Male 
Age (at arrival): 17 years
Program length: Semester 
Graduation Date:  Dec 2018
Religion:    Muslim

GPA: Good
Quartile: Not Available
ELTiS: 238


Muslim, Quiet, Family oriented, Artistic, Soccer, Drawing/Painting, Engineering, Listening to music, Movie.


No Pork or alcohol.


Abdul is family oriented, helpful and friendly. He comes from a large, close-knit family and he helps out a lot. Abdul is also close with his friends and thinks of them as family. They enjoying doing activities together including swimming, playing soccer and going to the cinema. His other hobbies include drawing, singing and listening to music like Taylor Swift and Adam Levine. Abdul always tries his best and puts in the extra effort wherever possible. He hopes to pursue a career in chemical engineering one day. He can't wait to be a part of an American family! Arrival to HF Community: Jan 18

Letter to Family

Hi! My name is Abdul Syukur. I attend a fully residential school. First, I would like to share about my parents. My mother is a housewife. She loves cooking and serves us food. She also owns a stall near my house. There are variety of food at her stall. She is a good listener to whenever I have problems. I love her so much. To complete my happy family,I also have a great father. My father works at a palm plantation as he also owns a farmstead. Both of my parents are very independent. As such, I will follow suit and help around the farm during school holidays.

My family and I love to do activities together. Once a week, we will clean our house on Friday morning. By doing this activity, I can spend a good time with my family. If we have time to spare, we will go to the river or the beach for a picnic once a month.
Continuing I would like to share with you about myself. I attend a primary school when I was 7 till 12 years old. Then, I was offered to attend a fully residential school after I got straight A’s in the final year examination in 2012. I am a cheerful person. I am also a helpful person because I love to help my friends especially in their academic. I hope I would be a fun person for you. I also hope I that I would be a great son for you.

My responsibilities at home differs from time to time. During the school holiday, I will help my mother to do household chores such as sweep, mop and dry clothes. Sometimes, I will arrange all scattered things in my house while listening to the music. When all the house chores done, I will watch TV to have some rest. I will also help my mother at her stall. Sometimes, I will also help my father at the palm plantation farm.

Next, I would also love to share with you some of my interests. I love singing so much because when I sing, I will feel so happy and I can relieve my stress. These are some of my favorite artists ; Taylor Swift, Adam Levine, James Arthur and Shawn Mendes. The artist that I like the most is Taylor Swift and I followed her instagram to see her updates. Beside singing, I am also interested in drawing. However I am just an amateur. I love drawing cause by doing that, I can fulfill my leisure time. I would also express my feeling when drawing by illustrating it into a piece of paper.

My friends are the closest that I have to a family in my school. We would always do things together. When the school break starts, we will go to the river and bath. After bathing, my friends and I will have some fried chickens and barbecues as our dishes. Besides, my friends and I love to play soccer in the field. We enjoy playing soccer together. My friends and I would also watch movies in the cinema during holiday. After watching movies, we will go to the mall and have meals together.

My city is unlike most popular destination in Malaysia. My city is popular with our state traditional cracker named ‘Keropok Lekor’. Many tourists would come to my city and taste our traditional crackers. Then, I would love to tell you about the people in my city of residence. There are many types of people live in my city such as Chinese. We would always communicate with each other and live in peace.

Talking about my future, I can say for certain that I fell in love with a specific branch of study-Chemical Engineering. I think that to be able to further my studies in that department will be so cool.

 I always try to perform well and do that extra efforts to achieve an excellent result in my final examination . I also dream to travel around the world and experiencing new culture. So, this KL-YES Program is the initial step for me to go overseas.
I can’t wait to meet you. As much as it is nerve-wrecking, I know that it’s going to be fun to be part of your family and have new sweet memories in USA. It is my pleasure to share my culture with you and I would love to experience and learn more about your culture during the program.

Thank you for reading my letter. See you soon.


Rushamilla from Malaysia

Service Ref: 16-01225
Gender:  Female
Age (at arrival): 17 years
Program length: Semester 
Graduation Date: Dec 2018 
Religion:    Muslim

GPA: Good
Quartile:  Not available 
ELTiS: 233


Muslim, Quiet, Family oriented, Mature, Creative, Artistic, Reading, Listening to music, Drawing/Painting, Clubs.


Cannot eat Pork/Non-Halal foods. Willing to become vegetarian on program.


Rushamilla is caring, responsible and artistic. She spends a lot of time with her family and they enjoy sharing family meals and having conversations together. She is focused on her studies and is a librarian and vice president of the Science Society Club at her school. In her free time, Rushamilla likes drawing, reading, listening to music and spending time with friends. She wants to become a lawyer one day and hopes to learn more about US law while on program. She's looking forward to meeting her host family and creating new memories together. Arrival to Host Family Community: Jan 18.

Letter to Family

Hi, my name is Rushamilla Husna. I am 17 years old girl and attend a secondary school here. I have five members in my family which is my wonderful mama, Ruhani, my great papa, Ruzuki, my older sister,

Sonia and my younger brother, Haziq. I am the second daughter in the family. Mama is a full-time house wife and she is very kind and lovely. Papa is a contractor. For your information, papa has a company in the city and he is the founder of the company. Mama and papa are very trusted person and inspirational which is when I have a problem, I will seek them for some advise. Then my ·swag' older sister and younger brother are very fun and kind. We are always teased each other.

Every night, we would have a dinner and talk. We always talk about our daily life. Then, on weekends, we ' would doing our house chores together or we would go to mall or any interesting places. On school holidays, mama and papa would bring us to our hometown to visit our grandparents. Along with that, we would travel any interesting places in my country such as go to the beach or islands and more. When it comes to the house chores, I am responsible to help mama in the kitchen before our meals. Plus, I am also responsible to do laundry chore and cleaning my room and bathroom. But my biggest responsible right now is studying because to me studying is a light in my future.

I attend a huge and marvelous school here. My school is knowable in my distric for a great achievements in academics and sports. In my school, I am a librarian. As a librarian, I would go to the library once a week to carry out my duty. Not just that, I am also a vice president science society club and Kadet Remaja Sekolah (KRS).

I have a lot of my interest such as drawing, listening to the music and sing along, reading and more. But the most I love to do is drawing because drawing is my passion since I was 6 years old. I am always draw fanarts such as potrets, chibis and K-pop's fanart. However, due of my studies and exams. I don't have any time to spend for drawing. I am looking forward to participate in many activities in US especially in arts.

I have a lots of friends and I also has my own group known as 'The Bangtan Group'_ This group consist of six members includes me. My group is the most noisy and talk-active group in my class but when it comes to exam, we're really serious. Even though I have a sporting and crazy group, but there is someone who is very precious to me- Wani. Wani and I attend the same school and we're also a classmates. We became friend when we were in standart 5. Wani is an intelligent person. She always score in her exam and she is one of the top students in my school along with me. Every exam, we would compete each other to see who is the best. Even though we're always argue about stupid things but it doesn't break out our friendship. Wani always lends her hand when I have a problem.

My city is an urban city which provides lots of facilities for the community. My city known as 'The Education 

City' which have many schools, famous university and college. There are tons of educational people but they're really humble and respecting each other.

Actually, I really want to be a lawyer because I want help someone to defend and proof that he or she is innocent. Just because I am studying in accounting elective in my school, both my parents want me to be an accountant for papa's company in the future. But they're not really mind because it is my decision for my bright future. My dreams are really large and I want to make it happen. I want to travel and learn about the education system, arts and the US's law.

I am going to tell you, I am really shy person at first but trust me, once you know me well, I am a bubbly, talk-active, kind, responsible and caring person. I am look forward to being a part of your family and I want to create a fun and sweet memories together. I want to share my culture and I really want to get know and ! learn more about your culture during my exchange semester. I cannot wait to meet you soon!


Nuraini from Malaysia

Service Ref: 17-00271
Gender:  Female
Age (at arrival): 18 years
Program length: Semester 
Graduation Date: Dec 2018 
Religion:    Muslim

GPA: Very Good
Quartile:  Not available 
ELTiS: 233


Allergies, Muslim, Energetic, Creative, Independent, Good with kids, Family oriented, Singing, Artistic, Dance, Drama/Acting, Cooking, Theater, Listening to music.


No Pork, No Non-Halal Foods, Willing to become Vegetarian while on program.


Allergic to Ibuprofen, Paracetemol, Mefenamic Acid, Diclofenic.


Nuraini, who goes by the name Aini, is an independent, easy going and creative young lady. She attends boarding school and loves spending time with her family when she's home. When on holiday, they enjoy going to water parks, beaches and bowling. She especially enjoys helping take care of her baby brother when she's home. Aini has an artful soul and loves singing, dancing and acting. She has competed in dance, debate and drama competitions at her school. She hopes to pursue a career in dentistry someday. Aini is excited to share her culture with her host family! Arrival to Community: Jan 18

Letter to Family

Aloha! Studying at a fully residential school, I am Aini, seventeen years old. I’m writing this letter to let you know more about me and how am I doing here. Special people in my life call me Eni. I would like that to be you too. Just call me Eni. Short and cute. When I was 2, my beloved mother passed away. Years after, I got a new mother and it completed my family. Last Hari Raya, my family organized an open house, so, my family and I had discussed and divided the duties amongst everyone in my family.

My father played his role as the leader for our team. Being a successful manager of a palm tree plantation made it’s easy for him to manage everything well. My mother, Mdm. Ana is a full time housewife to cheer everyone up by serving delicious food. There’re no worries because everyone in my family knows how good she is in the kitchen. However, there’re a lot of food to be served, so we decided to call our relatives and ask for help.

Staying in a hostel, I seldomly go home. That’s why I’ll try my best to spend as much time as possible with family. During holiday, my family usually goes for a trip. We love to go to water theme parks, beaches, highlands and hometowns. We also love to play bowling. We enjoy shopping together.
Every day, I will clean my room and help my younger sisters to clean their room too. Doing house chores with my sisters kept our bond stronger. For our lunch and dinner, my sister and I will take over the kitchen and prepare meals for our family members. It is my pleasant to take care of my baby brother at home. Oh, I really don’t want him to grow up.

I’m kind of an artful soul. I love to sing and dance. At my school, I’m a member of the dance club. Since I was 5, I participated in a lot of dance competitions. My team had represented Malaysia in Thailand last year. I’m also good in acting. In the last drama competition that I participated, I was chosen to be the main character. As much as I would like to believe that we had won the competition, I think that what I won most from the experience is the importance of team work. Other than that, debate is fun. I’m a debater at my school. I had represented my school. In my leisure time, I love to cook and not to forget, eating delicious food. As all of my family members deeply indulge in chocolate cakes, I had learned on how to bake a chocolate cake. I love desserts and I cook it. Maybe I can bake you some.

I have wonderful best friends which are Piqah and Nik. Both of them are two very understanding friends. Piqah, my roommate is a good listener. We always share stories and problems together. She is the head girl in our school. As her assistant, I put on a lot of efforts to help her. Nik, a short tiny girl is always there to help me in my studies. We did quarrel sometimes, but we never forget to forgive each other. Nik enjoys listening to English songs and always love to share her favorite songs. Both Piqah and Nik are my classmates. We are always having fun studying together. We also enjoy singing together in the classroom. I’m proud to live in this city because of its famous history. It was the first city to be established in my country. I had moved to this city when I was in Standard 5. I learn new accents here. They are unique and easy to learn. I know a lot of people here because most of them are very friendly.

In my future, I would like to open my own dentistry with my younger sister as both of us want to be dentists. My parent really hope that I would get a flying color's result and achieve my ambition. So do I. I am excited to share our cultures and learn new cultures with you. I’m easy going, independent, 

responsible and happy go lucky lass. I would love to experience and having great mementos together. Being able to be a part of your family is going to make me the luckiest person in the world.

With love and best regards,


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