Antoine from France

Service Ref: 16-02506
Gender: Male
Age (at arrival): 15 years
Program length: Year
Graduation Date:  June 1, 2019
Religion: Catholic

GPA: Very Good
Quartile:  Q1 (Top position) 
ELTiS: 230


Scouting, Volunteering, Politics/Social issues, Studious, Outdoorsy, Animal lover, Academic, Mature, Sporty, Independent, Leadership, Camping, Environment, Recreational sports.



Antoine is respectful and active young man. Antoine loves making people laugh, his friends call him the comedian of the group! As much as he loves joking around he also has a calm side, when he's at home. Antoine loves doing all types of activities, he plays volleyball, handball, and skateboards.

When he's not playing a sport you can find him with his boy Scout troop or reading a book at home. He's lived with a host family in Germany before and is looking forward to that amazing experience again with an American family. He's looking forward to seeing what living in the USA will bring to him!

Letter to Family

Dear future family,

I write this letter to present myself.

My name is Antoine and I've got a sister : Clara.

She's very different from me, I'm more calm and I think more before making a decision. When I'm with my family, I'm very serious because I'm the older but my friends think I'm an humorist and I think they're right.

At school, I'm the one who wants to laugh everytime and it's very difficult for me when I need to keep calm with my friends. As as I've already said, in my family I'm the older so when we are in party together, I need to say what is right and what is wrong if I don't do this, it's the anarchy.

And I've forgot to say I've got a dog and there is no animals disturbing me.

I need my parents when I've checked all of the possibilities of a situation and I' still can't decide what iseverything best. Apart from this situation, I can manage everything or almost on my own

I practice Volley-Ball every Monday at noon in my school with my friends and I play Handball every Friday after school with the same persons. When I'm not at school, I love skateboarding, it's my passion and when it's raining I play video games. I'm a boyscout and we have meeting once per month generally. Being a scout makes me more independent and teaches me how to live together.

When I've imagined all the possible scenaris and no one is interrested in a situation this makes me feel bad.

As far as I'm concerned, I think going abroad can develop my social abilities. I want to go abroad to discover new cultures, new traditions and a new ways of life. And when I go back home, I will be a new man, maybe more attentive or something else. I hope when I'm back in France I'll have a very good level in English and more abilities to live with other people. I don't know what I want to do in the future, so I guess this adventure gonna show me which work may be interresting for me.

Thank you for reading my letter and I hope we will meet soon.

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