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GLA Scholarship Activities

See what our Greater Los Angeles (GLA) Area Team scholarship students have been doing:  Fundraising Event, April '15 and Trip to Ghana, July '14. Donate to our scholarships funds here!

AFS-logo-11_2-optimizedAFS is an international, non-profit organization that each year provides thousands of American high school students the opportunity to live and study in a foreign land. Just as important, each year thousands of American families host a high school age “son” or “daughter” from another country. With tens of thousands of volunteers worldwide, AFS is the leading international exchange program in the world!

Each year many students from our Los Angeles area study abroad on an AFS exchange.  Also, each year a number of students, from many different countries around the globe come and live here for a semester or year to improve their English and learn about our American culture.  During that time the students, their host families and friends are forever changed by their homestay in our area. Likewise, our students that study abroad are also changed by their homestay abroad.

In summary, opportunities in our the greater L.A. region exist in three primary areas:

A Wonderful Year

Our own Ella from Indonesia (’10-’11) has created a video that is a reflection of her wonderful year here in L.A.  We love ya, Ella!!

Student Photos

Want to see photos of our hosted students? Look here!


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